Stacy Sully - Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists, Herein lies the peace of God

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I have been on the healing journey consciously now for over 20 years and still I unfold and grow, release and witness daily through the ever present invitation to remember the truth that I AM.

Over the years and through a deep devoted practice of going within and meeting the inner landscapes of the unconscious while allowing the natural process of healing in the mind to take place, a deeply anchored capacity of the heart is now rooted in awareness.

This capacity otherwise known as compassion is the very presence of love Divine itself. When we are anchored and aligned in this ground of being we know and understand directly the wisdom behind the words "I need do nothing".

"When we develop the practice of going within we come to know directly that we are the ultimate expression of love, the ONE we have been searching for."

Life and all its distractions will continue to tempt us over and over until we have cultivated, stabilized and embodied the truth of Jesus's words " the kingdom of heaven lies within" When the inner world becomes the priority then all healing requires nothing more than a "little willingness". The inner plane of life becomes the solid ground on which we stand and life is lived through love rather than through fear.

Whether you struggle physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually the support and assistance I offer centers on guiding you within so that you may connect deeply and stay present to yourself as you remember the truth of who you are and see past all defenses, appearances and illusions .

The work is simple, gentle, uncompromising and infinitely patient with no agenda….Love knows no other way.
Thank you for stopping by and reaching out. Enjoy the site.

In endless love

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