Stacy Sully - Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists, Herein lies the peace of God

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I have been operating in private practice in Victoria BC for many years, assisting clients in cultivating a direct experience of Heaven within and providing a real and lasting 'live' experience of embodiment through healing the unconscious layers. Teaching retreats locally and internationally as well as mentoring and healing sessions by phone and in person, I value being fully present with another and joining in the Love that reveals only One Power and heals the mind.

I am happy to assist and support people in touching into the quiet stillness of source and yielding to the essence of love and the truth that it brings. Ending the struggle with the busy mind and resting in the motionless peace and clarity that comes with grounded awareness......a direct experience of the ground of being which is true heaven on earth.

Over 20 years of personal devoted inner healing work in the name of self love/ divine love has contributed to a great capacity of the heart. The natural extension of this love reveals itself in the depth of the healing work. Whether it be a monkey mind that never seems to rest, to emotional and or physical pain that continues to resurface or struggling spiritually, all blocks and resistance are met unconditionally and your sacred healing journey is honoured and held in the deepest realms of the heart.

True healing in its essence is being available within yourself as the love you are and allowing that love to light and bring awareness to the unconscious layers, to all resistance, to all defenses, all fears and all confusion. A gentle undoing of the ego occurs naturally and a 'little willingness' is all it takes.

"At first I was skeptical about doing a healing session over the phone with Stacy..."

"But the instant she connected with me, I could feel her loving and grounding presence. She holds a firm yet gentle loving space of ‘allowing and awareness’ and the shifts I felt physically/emotionally and mentally were amazing. Her abilty to move energy is unparalleled. Her gift and capability at being a pure conduit for Love’s energy to move through is huge. I can only be extremely grateful to have found her on my healing journey."
Tania ~ Belgium

There is more information about an individual session - here