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The Embodiment Process takes us out of the realm of the intellect and into the depths of the heart where truth can be experienced as the inherent birthright of existence rather than some lofty unattainable ideal.

To become what we know, to embody, we first must trust that with spirit we can gently access the depths and landscape of our inner self.

To know thyself requires a personal and intimate understanding of ourselves through the grounded and anchored light of awareness that we are, the truth , the way and life that Jesus refers to.

The kingdom of heaven lies within each of us but until we go within and arrive unconditionally to meet our worn out beliefs and old paradigms they continue to haunt our unconscious and the Kingdom remains illusory rather than the reality and the true nature that we are.

How can we truly know anything until we have had a direct experience of that which we wish to know.

Embodiment brings us to the heart of who we are as the all encompassing expression of Love. Through gentle grounded presence, love looks upon the confused and sleeping parts of the mind and brings them all home to the light of truth. Spirit reinterprets through forgiveness all that we have hidden and in the process our Holy Self is remembered.

Our very awareness is the love, is the light and when anchored within our Christ nature is known directly.
Through our continued healing and willingness to meet all parts of ourselves, known and unknown, we establish a stable anchored connection with our Divine Source.

As we heal we become the living truth, the ground of being and we anchor and embody this truth/beingness wholly and completely, human/divine……divine/ human. Self love and divine love – same One Love, same One Truth.

Immersed and resting in quiet stillness, deep ground and open truth, this beingness is the ultimate expression of Love.

Audio Meditations

Soul Earth Meditation

Central Channel Meditation

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