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Embodiment Sessions

Embodiment is a gentle, loving process, our awareness learns to rest in the body/form without judgment and the egoic restlessness and mind chatter settles down. Connected to ourselves in this way we experience the soft and silent space that is open and the still quiet presence within that dissolves all blocks and obstacles. Consciousness expands more and more, to hold the infinite truth of who we are.

We have made a practice of storing so much of our unconscious pain and confusion in our bodies. To remain unavailable, distracted and fearful of our bodies is quite simply denial. When we enter with awareness and literally descend within, we bring the healing to the deep unconscious and old worn out fears, paradigms and confusion rise to the surface and are witnessed and forgiven in this all encompassing love and presence. When we can enter our inner landscape and bring our light, our awareness deep within, we can meet the unconscious as the Love that we are and the resistance melts away and the blocks are revealed and gently witnessed without judgment and removed.

In form, our bodies are actually designed to hold the radiance of the Divine mind. The movement of our light into our form is the essence of Love, our birthright ~ to know thyself. Even within the most extreme appearances of polarity, Love enfolds us at our core. This embodiment of the light, and of our true essence, naturally opens the heart and in the presence of an open heart the truth is experienced and the blocks and resistance melt away. Our perception refines and we are led gently to deeper and deeper places within, ready to love, release and allow the ever present radiance to be revealed. To see with clarity that which had been hidden and defended from love.

As the shell of identity burns off and the world appears to go with it, the ground and integrating which is another way of saying ( as we stabilize and anchor ourselves in the truth ) becomes pivotal to our experience of the 'new world' we see before us. We have access to the unconscious and we arrive unconditionally to meet ourselves and stand present and available in the midst of our defenses. Our ability to stay present and usher through all that we meet with love ensures the deepest of healing.

The essence of Love is to Know Thyself...

!n this moment, here now, in a body, on the Earth, and with a heart that came to Love and the direct experience of " I am not a body I am free" can be realized. The deeper you rest within, the more you know how infinite you are. This is knowledge, not perception. The deep healing of the mind is made possible only through the heart, as only the heart knows what the intellect cannot imagine and in this grounded uncompromising space truth is directly experienced.

Client Testimonial

"Imagine that you could be gently guided to a place of stillness and clarity. A place where you feel supported and wholly loved and from this haven, are then able to objectively observe the fears, ancient beliefs, behavioral patterns and conditioning that have blocked your vision and held you captive in pain for so long.

Then, from the depths of this soothing peace, there is a quiet voice of gentle reassurance, a revelation of sorts, that shines the light on another way, a way that I recognise and joyfully welcome. With this comes a sense of relief and a knowing that this place of clarity is in fact my own natural state, that the love that surrounds me at that moment is always with me wether I am conscious of it or not, that this place of safety is my eternal home and the sweet voice of guidance, my pure state of innocence and innate wisdom beyond form, untouched by the world.

Stacy guides me to this place of refuge and it is the greatest and most precious gift, not only in the experience itself but in that, with practice I am able find my own way here, whenever I need. This is what I believe makes Stacy's gift of healing so unique.

Stacy's role in this process is one of grace and humility but immensely profound. Deceptively simple, avoiding the consuming distractions of worldly trifles while guiding me directly to the source of healing.... to remind me that this is my home that I had never really left but had only forgotten."
Anna ~ Australia

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What is Embodiment

It is a word used frequently today and in every imaginable way when talking about the path to awakening and anything spiritual.
Most of us get a sense of what it means, some of us can claim a deeper understanding and even fewer the direct experience of embodiment.

Mostly because like anything in life we understand and grok it to the level we are ready and not before. We get comfortable and laid back in our conceptual understandings and they feed us and provide us for a while until life brings a larger truth our way, often painful and uncomfortable. Then we are forced out of our conceptual crib and into a less contained way of thinking.

This borderless place at first can feel very unsafe and have us running full tilt back to the head and intellect where we believe we are safe and in control. Along with our ceaseless drive to 'do' , we are back in command until life flips the switch again and out we go into the not knowing.

In due course we will cease reinventing ourselves and taking possession of any aspect of our life in order to gain even the most modest degree of control. In effect we will give up, or at least enough to warrant looking at another way.

Eventually we will begin to trust deeper and as we do the heart becomes increasingly familiar, a conscious partner that wants nothing more than to liberate our mistaken ideas of ourselves and in this support our deepest healing.

We cannot speak of embodiment unless we speak of the heart. There is no embodiment without it. It is central to the descent of our aware essence into the form and into relative reality as our experience of a much vaster truth, one that only the heart can contain and know.

The heart itself goes through many phases in its role as the primary gateway in the process of embodying true nature. Until it is grounded in the deep wisdom of itself it can overcompensate with emotional attachment and emotional extremes. It can in effect get lost in itself. This is because as the heart develops in its capacity it touches into the emotional body/pain body and that can be messy at times especially when we have not stabilized in our alignment with spirit.

It can be difficult to discern deep connected insightful feelings and guidance from habitual emotional patterns if not aligned with spirit, connected and grounded. We can lose the ability to remain the open-minded witness and rather than utilize the light of objective truth we fall into judgment and distrust of the process. The ground/connection is crucial support when accessing unconscious fear, most especially when we have stored it away in the body.

The more the heart is trusted the more it reveal its entire landscape and with it a self love /divine love that longs to greet every hidden corner of your being. Layer upon layer of hidden unconscious is liberated through the heart . The emancipation of the unconscious is the richest alchemy and results in the direct knowing that all that has ever been present is Love. When we
know that we then become that ~ embodied

How would a typical phone session go? What can I expect?
A little informal chat and a invitation to share anything that you feel might be helpful for the healing. I will support you in staying out of the mental realm as much as possible so that the opportunity to experience pure awareness is open and available to you . You may become keenly aware of any resistance/blocks and beliefs that still operate through the ego. You might experience emotional and physical release, a deep sense of peace as you recognize your true essence and light. Most people experience deep insightful awareness when grounded in the present and held by love and a significant grounded state of 'being' through the heart and this is where the real transformation takes place in each of us.

Phone Healing Sessions with Stacy

Stacy is also available to teach small groups the energetics of grounding and the embodiment process.

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Session Price: Individual phone healing sessions with Stacy are $145 US Dollars

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